Returns Policy

You have 14 days from delivery of your order to request a refund or change for some or all of the products in your order.

Unless differently agreed with us, you shall send back the goods, without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the day on which you opened your return request.

Users shall only be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods outside of that which is necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and functioning.

The costs of returning the goods are borne by the client.

We will always refund only products costs and not shipping costs.

For more informations about our terms and conditions please refer to the complete page.


How to ask for a return


To know if you can request a return (either with a refund or a change) you should go to the order page, reachable from a link inside the confirmation email or, if you are a registered user, from your orders list.

Returns Policy | Image 3164

Returns Policy | Image 3168

If in the orders list or in the top right of your order page you see a button named REQUEST RETURN it means you can apply for a return, otherwise, if the button isn't displayed, there are two possibilities:

- the order hasn't already been shipped to you, in that case you must wait for its status to switch to "Sent" or "Received"

- the 14 days window to ask for a return has already ended, in this case please do not write us asking for a return as it won't be followed

Once you click on the REQUEST RETURN button you'll be redirected to the page where you can create your return request.

Returns Policy | Image 3169

In this page you'll have to do the following steps:

- select from the "Return type" dropdown if you wish for a change ("Change some articles with other ones" option) or for a refund ("Request a refund for some articles" option) - You can't ask for both a refund and a change

- then you'll have to select which products you wish to return with the checkbox at the left of each product

- in case you choose for a change you will have to select the new product variant you wish to receive in exchange from the now visible dropdown under each product title. You can request a change only for a different size/variant of the same product - if you wish to buy a new product instead please ask for a refund with the related instructions listed on this page and then proceed by placing a new order.

- add some notes if you want

Once you completed all these steps for all the products you want to return you can click on SEND RETURN REQUEST to save.

Returns Policy | Image 3160

Once saved the page will reload and you will see your saved return request, by default in a "Pending" status. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail that we received your return request.

In the following 1/2 working days we will evaluate your return request and approve it, if everything's ok and the order is eligible for return, or cancel it, if some conditions won't apply.

Either if it's approved or canceled you will receive a notification e-mail about its status.

Returns Policy | Image 1946

If we approve your request you will be able to find both in the notification e-mail and in the return request page the instructions to proceed with the return, including a button/link named DOWNLOAD REQUEST LABEL to download a document that you'll have to print and insert inside the packaging before shipping it to us.

All the returns received without the request label inside won't be processed!

Once you've carefully packaged your products along with the request label you can send it to us - we recommend a shipping carrier rather than standard postal service.

Ship the package to the following address:

nss magazine srls
Via Salvator Rosa 122/a 80139 Napoli (NA)

Once we received your package we will check if there is the request label and if everything's ok about the returned products and, if all conditions apply, we will complete your return issuing a refund or creating an exchange order, based on what you requested.

This is the only accepted and correct procedure for asking returns from our online store, any other methods - like manually bringing products to our return address or to the nss edicola - won't be accepted!

For any informations feel free to contact us from our help page.